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5A AC Voltage Protector for Fridge and Motor With 3 Select able Timer

900.00 800.00
  • Maximum Normal Current = 5.0 Ampere
  • Minimum Input range =   140V Or 180V
  • Maximum input range 260V
  • Display .
  • Voltmeter
  • Ampere Meter
  • Count down timer display.
  • High low status display on 7 segment .
  • High voltage led RED

AC 250V 10A 3P IEC 320 C14 Plug Panel Mount Power Inlet Sockets Receptacle

60.00 50.00
  • Connector Style:IEC 320-C14
  • Connector Type: Receptacle, Male Blades
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Voltage:250V
  • black plastic case, 3 terminals
  • Filter Type: Unfiltered - Commercial


3,500.00 3,400.00
TECO CU-11 MAGNETIC CONTACTOR BR2292 Magnetic contactors are a form of electrical relay found on most electrically powered motors. … They

15A Malfunctions Electric Protector With Voltage and Ampare Meter

850.00 800.00
  1. Maximum Normal Current = 15.0 Ampere
  2. Minimum Input range = Select able  140V Or 180V
  3. Maximum input range                  260V
  4. Display .
  5. Voltmeter
  6. Ampere Meter
  7. Count down timer display.

V-Protector, protector Vp-40A

1,800.00 1,600.00
V-Protector, protector Vp-40A, overvoltage protector,under-voltage protector  BR2012 Digital display self-recovery overvoltage protector is mainly used for photovoltaic grid-connected, household and

2ft Braid Solder Remover Wick 0.75m 2.0 mm Desoldering Copper Spool Wire

130.00 120.00
Take a length of the 2ft Braid Solder Remover Wick 0.75m 2.0 mm Desoldering Copper Spool Wire and hold it on the joint from which you need to remove the solder.The heat from the soldering iron will melt the solder. As the solder melts, it will be drawn onto the copper wiring.

50A SC-N1 Imported Fuji Fe electromagnetic AC contactor Refurbish

2,100.00 2,000.00

Condition : Refurbish

Product Name:AC Magnetic Contactor

Model Number: SC-N1


Contact Type:NO

Pole Number:3 Pole

Rated current: 50A

Coil Voltage :AC 220V / 240V


Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23 – 0.75 in. x 30 ft. x 30 Mil

Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23 – 0.75 in. x 30 ft. x 30 Mil in pakistan BR1705 Scotch Rubber Splicing

IEC 320 C13 Female Plug Panel Power Inlet Socket Connectors AC 250V 10A

60.00 50.00
  • 100%brand New & high quality
  • 3Pin IEC 320 C13 female plug, durable material construction, long using life.
  • It is used widely in lab equipment,medical devices,fitness equipment,
    industrial automation equipment,etc
  • Material :Plastic, Metal
  • Conduct Material: Copper

sc4-1 Imported Fuji Fe electromagnetic AC contactor ( 32A )

1,200.00 1,150.00
Product Name: AC Magnetic Contactor Model Number: SC4-1 Frequency: 50/60Hz Contact Type: 1NO Pole Number:3 Pole Rated current: 32A

ATS kit for generator with auto / manual option

1,500.00 1,400.00
  1. Microprocessor based intelligence.
  2. Fuel relay, With LED
  3. Self-relay, With LED
  4. Chowk relay, With LED
  5. Wapda (Main) relay, With LED
  6. Generator relay, With LED
  7. Power LED
  9. Wapda Input LED
  10. Generator Input LED
  11. Reset button.
  12. High-Quality long-life fiberglass PCB
  13. 4 tries.

12v 10Amp power supply

1,200.00 1,150.00
Input Voltage............ 230V Output Voltage.......... 12V Rated Power (Watts)..... 120 watt Current ........................10 A Output Type.............. Single